Wrong Man To Rob 选错了人抢劫

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Eighteen year old Travis Suomi picked the wrong man to be messing with.   Last Wednesday around 1:30 in the morning Suomi went to the door of a former Sheriff(郡治安官) C.L. Norvell. He asked the man if he could use his phone. Norvell let him use the phone but did not let him in. The guy then asked if he could use the bathroom. The Sheriff refused to let him use it and the kid then told him that he is robbing him.   At that point Norvell pulled out a gun from his robe and Suomi started running immediately. Norvell called 911 right away. Suomi did not get very far as Norvell had caller ID and Suomi had called his mother at home, which he happened to live with.   Suomi was arrested within a couple of hours.



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