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1. electric 主要表示由电操纵的、发电的或用于导电的等。如:

an electric fan 电扇

an electric bell 电铃

an electric lamp 电灯

an electric stove 电炉

an electric iron 电熨斗

an electric plug 电插头

an electric motor 电动机

an electric generator 发电机

There’s an electric heater in the bedroom. 卧室里有个电暖器。

A powerful electric current is passed through a piece of graphite. 给一块石墨通入强电流。

The turning disc is connected by a drive belt to an electric motor. 转盘由一根传动带与电机相连。

Fans of electric cars say they are clean, quiet and economical. 电动汽车迷们说,电动车清洁、无噪音而且经济。

Cars are prohibited, so transportation is by electric cart or by horse and buggy. 汽车禁行,所以运输就靠电动车或马车。

One owner left his pet under the stairs where the animal chewed through electric cables. 有个人把宠物放在楼梯下面,结果它在那儿把电线咬断了。

I hope you don’t think I’m extravagant but I’ve had the electric fire on for most of the day. 我几乎一整天都开着电热炉,希望你不会觉得我很浪费。

A household radiator absorbs energy in the form of electric current and releases it in the form of heat. 家用取暖器吸收电流能量,再以热量的形式释放出来。

Some people are worried that electromagnetic fields from electric power lines could increase the risk of cancer. 有些人担心输电线的电磁场可能增加致癌几率。

Car manufacturers are already producing small numbers of electric vehicles to test customer acceptance. 汽车制造商们已经开始生产少量的电动车辆以测试顾客的接受程度。

2. electrical 主要表示与电有关的或研究电气科学的等。如:

electrical work 与电有关的工作

an electrical engineer 电气工程师

electrical experiments 电气实验

electrical equipment 电气器械

an electrical fault 电气故障

An electrical pulse in a wire travels close to the speed of light. 电线里的电脉冲以接近光速的速度传输。

Air ducts and electrical cables were threaded through the complex structure. 通风管和电缆在这幢结构复杂的建筑物中穿过。

As you’ve probably guessed, the problem was electrical. 你们可能已经猜测出来了,这个问题与电有关。

The aircraft made an unscheduled landing after developing an electrical fault. 飞机由于发生电力故障而作了临时降落。

This degree programme is fully accredited by the Institution of Electrical Engineers. 这门学位课程经电气工程师学院鉴定完全合格。



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