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1. 连接两个相同的比较级,表示“越来越……”。如:

It moves faster and faster. 它动得越来越快。

Your work is getting better and better. 你的工作干得越来越好了。

2. 连接两个相同的动词,表示动作的反复或连续。如:

He coughed and coughed. 他咳个不停。

He tried and tried but without success. 他试了又试,但没有成功。

3. 连接两个相同的名词,表示“许多”或“有各种各样的” (即有好的也有坏的)。如:

They talked for hours and hours. 他们谈了很长时间。

There are books and books. 有各种各样的书(即书有好坏之分)。

4. 在口语中用在 come, go, run, stay, stop, try 等之后表示目的(and 在此相当于不定式符号 to)。如:

Come and have a look. 来看一看。

We will try and get one tomorrow. 我们明天设法弄一个来。

We ought to stop and think. 我们应该停下来想一想。

Will you go and fetch me some paper, please? 请你去给我拿点纸来好吗?

以上动词除 try 只能用原形外,其它动词都可有多种形式。如:

正:We stayed and had a drink with him. 我们留下来同他喝 了一杯。

正:We stopped and bought some flowers. 我们停下来买了些 花。

误:He tried and finished the work in time.

注:在 come, go 之后的 and 有时可以省略(尤其在美国英语中)。如:

I’ll come (and) see you later. 我晚些时候再来看你。

5. 用在祈使句后,表示结果,意为“那么”(暗示一种条件)。如:

Work hard and you’ll pass the examinations (=If you work

hard, you’ll pass the examinations). 努力吧,你考试会及格的。

Arrive late once more and you’re fired (=If you arrivelate once more, you’re fired). 再迟到一次,就把你开除。


One more step and I will fire. 你再动一步,我就要开枪了。

6. 用在 good, nice, fine 等之后,表示“很”、“挺”。如:

It’s nice and cool under the tree. 这树下很凉快。

The book is nice and expensive. 这本书很贵。

7. 在主从复合句中,不要在主句前误加 and。如:


正:If it rains, we’ll stay at home.

误:If it rains, and we’ll stay at home.

8. 某些用 and 连接的两个词,与汉语顺序相反,不要按汉语词序颠倒过来。如:

rich and poor 贫富land and water 水陆

right and left 左右north and south 南北

food and drink 饮食 food and clothing 衣食

9. 比较以下各组句子有无连词 and 的差别:


正:The weather being fine, we went out for a walk.

正:The weather was fine, and we went out for a walk.


正:In the classroom there are five people, the teacher included.

正:In the classroom there are five people, and the teacher was included.


正:He has two children, both of whom are naughty.

正:He has two children, and both of them are naughty.








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